Sunday, August 29, 2010


Meet Bunny the bicycle!  Ain't she...umm... ready for a make-over?  Well, she got one this summer!  Here are old photos of her, before I restored and painted her.  Tomorrow, she will be ready for assembly!  My plan is to ride to school every so often (about 3 miles there). 

If anyone out there is even reading this, I need some help!  Bunny the bicycle is a mystery bike!  I got her from a friend of a friend.  I figured out she's a Montgomery Ward Hawthorne from at the earliest 1970.  Does anyone have any more information for me? 

On a different note, I purchased paper for the boxes I mentioned yesterday!  1 will have road maps, 1 will have black and gray stripes, and my favorite will have an Alice in Wonderland theme!

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  1. I saw a picture today where someone yarn-bombed their bike. I bet she would look really awesome all crocheted up ^_^ Now I'm wanting to get a bike so I can do that :D

    Sorry I don't know much about vintage bikes (I'm guessing it's vintage anyways). She's very lovely though. Are you going to fix her up to ride?