Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fingerless gloves with a bow!

I made these gloves a few weeks ago for myself and now all my friends are requesting them! I used Red Heart Eco-ways yarn in Peacock, but any worsted weight will work! I used an H hook, but gauge isnt entirly important for this pattern.

1: Ch 32 (or the amount to go semiloosely around right above your knuckles)
2: Ch 1, hdc around, join
3: ch1, hdc around, decrease to join (skip the last stitch and join)
4,5,6,7: hdc around, join
8: Ch enough to go loosely around your thumb (mine is 11), join back in next avalible stitch with hdc, continue to hdc around (Note! Now you will be working in the round, or not joined, just continuing on a loop)
9: hdc around so there is now 1 hdc line on the thumb part
10: hdc around, 1 decrease at "corner" before thumb part and 1 decrease at corner after thumb part (opional decrease in between on the thumb)
11: repeat 10
12: repeat 10
13: repeat 10
14: repeat 10 (the corners will be getting harder to identify, just estimate)
15: hdc around, decrease 1 in the middle of the thumb part
16: repeat 15
17: repeat 15
18-?: continue to hdc around until you reach the length you want


  1. Very cute! I'm reading the directions and I don't see where the 'bow' is incorporated. Would you elaborate?

  2. Cape Cod from her page it says the bow was added on after. This is just for the glove

  3. I made these today! I really liked how quickly these stitched up. Now my hands are cozy :)

  4. So cute! Can't find the instructions for the bow. Are they right in front of me??

    This is the link to the bow, it has the beret and the instructions for the bow :) Good luck!

  6. Im confused when I get to the thumb part I ch 11 and joined the ch then did a hdc to connect to glove . Confused about going around... Can you explain a little more !

  7. I love it! Thanks for share! I all ready make them and my sister wants ones! They look soo cutiee!

  8. I don't quite get the first part. It says chain 32 and then chain 1 and hdc around and THEN join. So do I actually chain 33. Turn it around and do an hdc in all of them and THEN join?

    1. I think you chain 32 then sl st to join. Then chain 1, hdc around (32 hdc), sl st to join. At least that's what I've done so far and it seems to be coming along.

  9. I have tried to crochet a lot of different gloves, and this is by far the best!

  10. I love crocheting also. Drop by my blog and check out what I've been up to. I've had posted pictures of projects of Sashay yarn. Just things I thought of. I have new crocheted handbags posted now.

  11. Thanks for sharing, I am giving it a go today.

    J x

  12. This pattern is confusing. I see questions in the thread not answered.

  13. Where's the instructions for the Bow??

  14. Through your given instructions anyone can easily made fingerless gloves with bow. I like your post because it is so informative.

  15. what size hook did you use for this?